Richard Bandler
Described as 'a Leonardo Di Vinci of our time' by The Guardian Newspaper. Visit the website of the co-originator of N.L.P Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

 The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis 
Is Undeniably The Best, Most Advanced, Practical & Useable Hypnosis Product Currently On The Market...Period.

Paul Mckenna
Web site of hypnotist, Self-Help Author TV Presenter, Speaker.

Pure NLP
The society of NLP's website


NLP Store
Great resource for books, DVD's etc


Wonder Wizards
Wonder wizard Kenton's Knepper's website. David Blaine, Derren Brown & many more all talk about Kenton's work.

Alakazam Magic UK
The UK's Leading Magic Retailer of DVD's, Book's, Prop's and more.

Download Magic 
The Original Downloadable Magic Shop Featuring Magic From Steve Fearson, Who's Magic Has Been Performed By David Copperfield And David Blaine. 

Magic Insprations
The web site of Scott Wells featuring original creations by Banachek author of Psychological Subbties and more.

Derren brown
Website for British Mind Reader, Blog, Twitter, News, Performance info, Art Work etc

Magic Week
Magic in the UK Online. Duncan Trillo's excellent UK magic news and reference source website.

Ian Rowland
Web site of the UK's Premier Cold Reader and author of The Full Fact of Cold Reading.


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